Workers today crave one thing over all
others: freedom.

As employee turnover rates rise and the ‘4-Hour Workweek’ mindset permeates the globe, people are demanding the liberty to work how they want and when they want.

Ondē is the platform for this new generation of workers. It identifies, tracks, manages and maximizes on-demand professional lifestyles like never before. This leads to workers capturing something they’ve always desired:


The world of on-demand employment has changed everything. Hundreds of new companies are created every day in this space, and thousands of people are eager to make money while keeping their entrepreneurial spirits alive.

Managing all of these new opportunities has become a daunting task. It is challenging and time-consuming to pair workers’ skills with the most appropriate jobs. More so, price wars between on-demand companies continuously lead to rapidly changing employee benefits. Additionally, tracking diverse income and expense streams has become an increasingly difficult task. Traditional staffing companies haven’t been able to solve this issue, which leaves employees in the dark. Ultimately, on-demand workers aren’t able to reach their professional potential, but not for long.


Ondē is a first of its kind on-demand employment management system. It provides a novel centralized dashboard specifically for the on-demand worker. Not only does it allow for earnings and expense tracking, but it gives workers an opportunity to amplify their chances for success.

Through Ondē’s proprietary on boarding process, workers are matched with on-demand jobs that uniquely fit their skill sets and location while maximizing company incentives. Workers are notified in real time about these algorithmically paired opportunities, and then can apply with the tap of a button. This allows on-demand employees to increase profitability by planning out data-driven weekly work schedules. By merging together automated profit recording, job pairing and incentive tracking, Ondē allows on-demand employees to work hard and smart.

Why Now?

The shared economy is rapidly expanding. With an 18.5 percent annual growth rate, thousands of entrepreneurs are flocking to the on-demand market seeking to live autonomously. By 2020, there will be nearly 7.6 million on-demand workers looking to be a part of this workplace revolution.

Ondē enters this market at the ideal time, as 95 percent of these newfound entrepreneurs are working more than one job and want to take control of their chaotic work lives. Ondē is ready to tackle this problem and swiftly take market share by entering with speed, efficiency and ease of use. The time is now.

Target Audience


Ondē is creating a new space within the shared economy that has hardly been touched. made an attempt at creating a unified platform for on-demand service management, but it has since become inactive due to its CEO finding new professional opportunities. Since no direct competitors exist, Ondē’s threats are other freelance and job finding services, like Monster and Upwork. Yet, none of these services are specifically focused on the on-demand market, especially in the context of empowering workers.

Ondē provides an original and innovative toolbox for on-demand employees, giving them everything they need to enhance their professional endeavors.

Ondē changes the way the on-demand workforce operates.

It gives workers the ability to be their own CEO, and sparks the entrepreneurial drive. The new generation of Millennials want this sense of control, and are ready to embrace the freedom that Ondē provides.

Without Ondē, people are aimless in the modern job hunt. With Ondē, people can live the independent lives of their dreams.

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